J & S Instruments, Inc.

Meteorological Products

Weather Stations
PW-400 & PW-405
Wind Sensors
WS-100 Series Wind Sensors
WS-200 Series Wind Sensors
Atmospheric Sensors
AS-100 Series Atmospheric Sensors
AS-105 Temperature Probe
AS-110 & AS-115 Temperature Probes
AS-120 & AS-125 Relative Humidity Probes
AS-130 Combination Relative Humidity and Temperature Probe
AS-140 & AS-145 Combination Relative Humidity and Temperature Probes
AS-150 & AS-155 Barometric Pressure Sensors
AS-160 & AS-165 Barometric Pressure Sensors
AS-170 Solar Radiation Sensor w/ Mount
AS-175 & 180 Radiation Shields
AS-190 Dew Point System
RG-400 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
Data Loggers & RTU Products
DT300 Rain Logger
JS-IQ Event Data Logger
Other Available Data Loggers
DT-300-RTU Remote Rain Gauge Transceiver Unit
R. M. Young Products
Model 05103 Wind Monitor
Model 05305 Wind Monitor - AQ
Model 06201 Wind Tracker
Model 41002 Gill Multi-Plate Radiation Shield
Model 43408 Gill Aspirated Radiation Shield
Model 61201 Barometric Pressure Sensor
Model 81000 Ultrasonic Anemometer
Ground Water Level Sensors
Model 80S Submersible Pressure Transducer
Enclosures / Tripods
JS-500 Series Enclosures
JS-600 Tripod Assembly w/ Guy Wires and JS-605 Tripod Lightning Rod Assembly
JS-610 Rain Gauge Mounting Platform
Solar Power
SP-100 Series Solar Panels
SC-300 Series Solar Regulator
SPP Series Solar Panel Package
Batteries / Power Supplies
GC Series Gel Cell Batteries
PSR Series Power Supply
AS-12DC-U, AC-12DC-R & AC-24DC-U Power Adapters

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