Hydrocarbon Vapor Sensor

Hydrocarbon sensor with loggerApplications

  • Monitoring bioventing, vapor extraction, and air-sparging systems
  • Long-term monitoring of natural attenuation
  • Monitoring of ex-situ bioremediation systems such as biopiles and landfarms


  • Install directly in soil or hang in existing monitoring well with screened interval in vadose zone.
  • Proven Adsistor® sensor technology as used in UST leak detection
  • Third party approvals from UL, FM, CSA, and US EPA
  • Hydrocarbon logger has low-range settings to allow for increased sensitivity as hydrocarbon levels decrease
  • Sensor is not cross sensitive to CO2, H2O, H2S, CH4, or O2
  • Equipped with sampling port for calibration, simultaneous pressure monitoring, and soil gas sampling
  • Requires no maintenance or external power source. Calibrate on installation and annually thereafter.


  • Size - 0.8 in. (2.0 cm) diameter by 6 in. (15.2 cm) anodized aluminum cylinder
  • Detection limit - 100 ppm
  • Linear range - above 200-300 ppm depending on molecular wt. of vapors
  • Cable length - 25, 50, and 75 feet
  • Sensor life - > 10 years

Model Numbers

  • Hydrocarbon sensor (with 25 ft. cable) (3ADS210-25)
  • Hydrocarbon sensor (with 50 ft. cable) (3ADS210-50)
  • Hydrocarbon sensor (with 75 ft. cable) (3ADS210-75)
  • Hydrocarbon data logger (EAD100-E)
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